Hydro Tech Centre

Hydro Tech Centre is a KZN based importer and distributor of hydroponics equipment and products related to indoors, greenhouse and outdoor horticulture.

Hydro Tech Centre is the distributor of products from General Hydroponics Europe who are one of the world’s most foremost liquid nutrient producers. Today, GH is recognised by the scientific community for its reliability, the quality of its products and it’s sense of innovation. The technology used is called “Aero-hydroponics”: plants grow without substrate, in a perfectly balanced flow of nutritive solution, saturated with oxygen. This can be adapted to most situations, allowing one to grow anywhere, from the city to the most remote countryside.

Aware of the insufficiencies in the food and water supply on the planet, GH participate in food development projects by adapting their technology to existing resources. GH products are vast and unique and always in evolution. GH products are thoroughly studied and tested and are used by growers worldwide and by laboratories including NASA, which uses Flora-series on cultivation in their space stations.

The aim of HTC is to provide the local market with the latest first world hydro technologies. HTC is the leader in the local hydroponics market by being the first company of this nature in South Africa since 2002. HTC does not only distribute world-leading brands but we also manufacture our own range of products.

We cater for the hobby grower right through to commercial growers of plants, flowers, vegetables and fruit.

Flora-series Nutrients

Flora-series is a high technology fertiliser, recognised worldwide as the most advanced hydroponics nutrient line ever developed.

Grow systems

The AeroFlo is a high-tech machine adapted to our daily needs.


We carry numerous products: lamps and globes for indoor growing, Ph & EC meters, rock wool, ventilation and air cooling...

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